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  • The dietary jewel of healthy woman

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    The dietary jewel of healthy woman

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      Osteoporosis, Anaemic, anile… these diseases favor especially it seems that female. If say those who be equal to a suit to health is collect constitution, motion, habit ” a dish of chess ” , so food is a piece that holds significant position among them. Does the dietary jewel of many person inquiry women where? We interview relevant expert, to female friend one is solved.

    Soja is compensatoryEstrogen

      MenopauseThe turn of life after, it is a difficult process to every woman probably. Beijing assist with the hospitalZhu Lan of doctor of chairman of department of gynaecology and obstetrics thinks, the food of the woman after menopause also should expend bit of idea more. Besides everybody hep everyday calcium of complement of two bags of grandmas is qualitative besides, the complement of the bean products such as soja also nots allow to ignore. Because,this is, soja contains a lot ofthe nutriment such as vitamin of high grade protein, indispensible fatty acid, B a group of things with common features and prandial fiber, and contain phosphatide, low get together a variety of phytochemistry material such as sterol of yellow ketone of candy and different, plant. The influence with healthy to the female soja, basically depend on what contain among themSoja different yellow ketone, it waits for a respect in structure, active as similar as estrogen. To the female, it has multiple profit: Can defer cellular consenescence, protect flimsy mammary gland, make the skin keeps stretch, reduce bone to lose, close to ossification is generated, fall hematic fat, still can reduce a femaleThe turn of life is asked for integratedlythe symptom.

    Chinese nutrition learns a proposal, should right amount take soja and its product more, should absorb 30 grams everyday each – 50 grams soja or photograph are equivalent bean products.

    Dawdle is protected ” bravery “

    “For sex of opposite Yu Nan, the female is easier byGall-stoneWait for courage kind the disease tangles on, because this female answers,the attention absorbs the food that is beneficial to courage. ” nutrition of institute of food of Chinese agriculture college and head of food safety department say, dawdle is labelled since ancient times top grade, high protein, low adipose, contain a lot ofthe nutrient composition such as polysaccharide of fiber, plant at the same time, often edible can promote the human body absorption to other nutrition element well. U.N. ever put forward, structure of human first-rate diet is ” one meat or fish one element one stay of proceedings ” , this stay of proceedings is dawdle, its element has ” plant flesh ” say, the microelement that place of 100 grams dawdle contains, can satisfy human body 24 hours be needed, among them phosphorous content and fish are equal, iron content is extremely high also. Vegetable, food grains other than wheat and rice is advantageous also bravery falls the action of fat.

    Black chocolate aids a gender

    One considers to discover in the light of Italy, the female often eats black chocolate, not only sexual desire is more exuberant, spend to the satisfaction of sexual life taller also. Everyday right amount Hei Qiaoke taking a place force, can the nerve ending of sensitize easily diastole and accept stimulation, quicken blood to flow. Fish oil also is the right choice that enhances female sexual desire. The chemical material that contains in fish oil can stimulate cerebrum to release much cling to amine, and much cling to of amine content lift to cure sexual dysfunction has first-rate effect.

    In addition, the female wants to enhance sexual desire, return what should control cigarette, coffee to absorb, every meal has the carbohydrate that contains a lot ofstarch and candy less, eat the food that contains a lot ofmagnesium and zinc more, for instance the sea alga food such as kelp, laver.

    Black agaric discharges poison

    How to keep clear of body endotoxin go out, also be the one big question that perplexes countless females. Black agaric place is contained colloid have extremely strong sorption, can be in remain the impurity inside human body digestion, outside eduction put oneself in another’s position is being amassed after adsorption, can saying to go up is ” human body scavengers ” , it or 4 big ” high grade and adipose ” one of, often edible can be aperient, fall blood pressure. The proposal eats the least every week.

    Outside dividing black agaric, the food that has the effect that discharge poison still has a pig blood, yam, hollow dish, unripeGinger, hyacinth bean, celery, vinegar. If be engaged in the worker that dust works, farmer, often porker blood, advantageous remove the harm of particle of dust, metal to the body. Northward raise sanded day is more, can take some of course that hematic bean curd designs more, soup of the blood that be like duck.

    Orange can protect skin

    Somebody regards the skin as the 2nd piece of face of the female, do not want to have the skin of bright and clean, Bai Xi without which female. FightOxygenSpend part the freedom inside can cleared body base, have the certain effect that delays skin consenescence. And contain a lot ofVitamin Cfood, it is the significant secret of success of your skin health. The fruit such as orange, jujube, strawberry, yangtao, litchi, orange, grape, wild cabbage, turnip of cabbage mustard, a variety of Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, water, on the west the vegetable such as orchid, lotus root is compensatoryVitamin CEtc fights the fountainhead of oxide.

    Lean lean is preventedAnaemic

    A lot of females for the figure, pursue stoutly ” maigre creed ” , no matter entirely of lean lean, fat is not touched. However, the female should notice the flesh especially kind compensatory. Menstruation this one female’s particular physiology phenomenon, can cause the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of iron, consequently the female appears more easily anaemic problem. Iron is store in bloodHaemoglobinA important ” storehouse ” , the iron content inside female body should have slight inadequacy only, ponder over ability and memory to be able to drop somewhat. Accordingly, female food should pay attention to iron photograph 0

    The food with the higher volume that contain iron still has animal liver, yoke, spinach, red jujube, black agaric to wait, can with contain a lot ofVitamin Cfood is tie-in, in order to increase prandial in the assimilation of plant iron is absorbed.

    The cross spends dish to increase memory

    Research of 25 years discovers a by a definite date that college of medicine of haing Buddha university has in 13 thousand female, those many edible are vegetable, especially vegetable of the mustard family and the person with vegetable greenery, as the growth of the age, the speed that memory drops wants slow a lot of. Another considers to make clear, every increase vegetable of a the mustard family, greenery vegetable, potato kind absorb, can make femaleCoronary heart diseaseCome on the risk is reduced respectively 24% , 30% , 22% . Crossed flower dish basically includes Chinese cabbage kind the; such as a kind of sedge of a kind of sedge of heart of a variety of Chinese cabbage, dish, Chinese cabbage, laver, red food wild cabbage kind the; mustard such as cauliflower, cabbage mustard, green beautiful dish, kohlrabi kind foliaceous mustard, bine mustard (head dish) , root mustard (.


    Brunet vegetable defers consenescence

    The discretion of vegetable nutrition has a color by arrive greatly simple rule, generally speaking, of light color of brunet nutrient value prep above. Purple vegetable is the food that is next to black, contain a kind of very special corporeal cyanine element among them. Cyanine element is had very strong fight oxidation ability, can help airframe precaution alreadyHypertensive, slow down liver function is anile, still can alleviate eye ministryFatigue, the proposal is commonly used eye person much edible. In purple food, cyanine element content of La Mei is highest, after purple carrot, violet grape tightens therewith.

    (the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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